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Main Street will host the 3rd Annual River Park Hike on Saturday, November 26th at 2:00 p.m. It is a short stroll and the first stop is the new Floating Dock.

Mark Loftin of the Union Mission will lead the group.  Last year we had 44 for our event. We welcome you to take the hike with us this year. We suggest clothing in layers, rain gear if needed and boots. Most likely it will be muddy somewhere on the trail. We will assemble at the Farmers Market. Walking time is about one hour. We hike in all weather conditions excluding thunderstorms.

The Downtown River Park is slowly becoming a reality. We celebrate our new park each year with this hike along the beginning of a City and County trail system that connects communities and neighborhoods with schools, downtown and the Forked Deer River.  To find out more about the 3rd Annual River Park Hike, contact Steve Guttery at 731-285-3433.