The Dyer County Youth Leadership Program, sponsored by First South Bank, kicked off its 2009 - 2010 sessions in September with Ag Day.

Dyer County Youth Leadership is a program initiated by the Dyer County Adult Leadership Class that gives high school sophomores the training to promote increased awareness of the leadership roles available to them both now and in the future.

Through a rigorous selection process, students are evaluated based on their commitment, motivation, interest in leadership development, and past participation in community events. A total of 30 students are chosen from Dyersburg High School and Dyer County High School creating a diverse class of students interested in offering their time and talent towards the improvement of our community.

In addition to agriculture, the Dyer County Youth Leadership Program covers leadership training and team building, diversity, industry tours, education, capitol and state legislature, and law enforcement.

{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=4|imageid=130|float=right}This years class participants include the following students from Dyer County High School: Mallory Slaughter, Kara Taylor, Madyson Caton, Emily Despain, Rian Burch, Becca Clayton, Amanda Burnjs, Abbiegail Bingham, Emilee Lamb, Hollie Adcock, Jamie Shelby, Lauren Janeaux, Emily Gorman, Faith Rose, and John Hudson.

Students from Dyersburg High School include: Lauren Brooks, Madison Butler, Maggie Feith, Jordon Galewski, Rachel Gauldin, Clark Harrington, Jackson Lay, Maryanna McClure, Lillie Murray, Aura Mae Northcutt, Mary Evelyn Peckenpaugh, Clay Perkins, Whitney Reynolds, Chris Wagner, and Kayla Wright.

Photo above: Maryanna McClure demonstrates to fellow Dyer County Youth Leadership class members how to pluck Angora rabbit wool. Youth Leaders were hosted by Pollyanna McClure during Ag Day at Curly Acres Farm.