Dyer County has three municipalities - Dyersburg (the county seat), Newbern and Trimble. A County Mayor and 20 Commissioners, elected by district govern Dyer County. The three municipalities have a Mayor-Alderman form of city government. 

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  • 17,145 residents
  • Governed by elected Mayor and Board of eight Aldermen serving four-year terms
  • 67 professionals on Police Department staff
  • Class 3 fire rating with three fire stations and 52 professionals on Fire Department Staff

Visit the City of Dyersburg website to learn more.


  • 3,313 residents
  • Governed by elected Mayor and Board of six Aldermen serving two and four-year terms respectively
  • 12 professionals on Police Department Staff
  • Class 6 fire rating with one fire stations and protection provided by 23 volunteers

Visit the City of Newbern website to learn more.


  • 637 residents
  • Governed by elected Mayor and Board of five Aldermen serving two-year terms
  • Class 7 fire rating with protection provided by 15 volunteers

Visit the City of Trimble website to learn more.

Dyer County law enforcement consists of three police departments (Dyersburg, Newbern, & Trimble) and the Dyer County Sheriff's Department. The three cities' fire departments and the Dyer County Volunteer Fire Department provide fire protection. The entire county is included in the Enhanced 911 emergency service system. Medical emergency service is provided by the West Tennessee Healthcare Dyersburg Hospital.