Dyer County residents receive quality, cost-effective utility services from a variety of providers. Nearly all of the industrial community is served by municipal systems operated by Dyersburg and Newbern. Both communities are eager to work with industry on meeting their utility needs.

Utility Contacts

Dyersburg Electric System
211 East Court Street
Dyersburg, TN 38024

Dyersburg Gas, Water & Sewer
Dyersburg City Hall

Newbern Electric, Gas, Water & Sewer
Newbern City Hall

Trimble Electric, Gas, Water & Sewer
Trimble City Hall

Gibson Electric Membership Corporation

Dyer County
Forked Deer Electric
Highway 51 North

Northwest Dyersburg Utility District

East Dyersburg Utility District
6199 Highway 104 East

Dyersburg Suburban Consolidated utility District



Four electric utilities provide electric power to Dyer County residents. All buy their electricity from the Tennessee Valley Authority, nationally known as a low-cost provider of electricity.


Dyersburg Electric System - the largest Dyer County supplier with 12,200 customers - serves the City of Dyersburg, the county's three industrial parks and neighboring residents. Dyersburg receives its electricity at three 161,000-volt delivery points. With 400 megawatts of capacity, the system has plenty of room for growth. Dyersburg's looped transmission system and SCADA monitoring 24 hours a day help it maintain reliable electric service. The Dyersburg Electric System also works with commercial customers to meet their indoor and outdoor lighting needs.


The community of Trimble is served by Gibson Electric Membership Corporation.  Gibson EMC is a nonprofit, member-owned and democratically controlled electric cooperative that serves about 35,000 members across 2,800 miles of electric line in Crockett, Dyer, Gibson, Haywood, Lake, Lauderdale, Madison and Obioncounties.


Newbern Light, Gas and Water serves the residents of Newbern.

Other County Residents

Forked Deer Electric Cooperative serves about 10,000 members across more than 1,300 miles of electric lines in the county's rural, mainly residential areas.  Forked Deer is also a non profit, member owned and democratically controlled electric cooperative.

TVA Power

Electric power is supplied by TVA and distributed through Dyersburg Electric System, Newbern Electric System, Forked Deer Electric and Gibson Electric Membership Corporation. Contact the following for information on utility service hook-up.


Natural Gas

The City of Dyersburg and the City of Newbern both supply quality, high-pressure natural gas to their communities and neighboring rural areas. Both continually expand to new subdivisions. Dyersburg's system supplies the two industrial parks. Its natural gas has a pressure of 200+ psi and a BTU content of 1,025 per cubic foot.



Dyer County's quality water supply comes from an underground aquifer that stretches across much of West Tennessee. The water needs little treatment before it is used by residents.Seven utility districts provide water to Dyer County residents.Both the City of Dyersburg and City of Newbern provide water and wastewater to their residents and nearby communities. The City of Dyersburg Water System, which supplies the industrial parks, gets its water from deep wells. The current water treatment plant, built in 1991, has the capacity to treat up 7 million gallons of water a day. A second treatment plant, now online, has expanded that capacity to 10 million gallons of water a day.The Dyersburg wastewater system uses gravity flow mains and a series of pumps to get the wastewater to the treatment plant, which has a capacity to treat 9.5 million gallons of wastewater a day. It handles pretreated and domestic wastewater. Like Dyersburg, Newbern Light, Gas and Water gets its water supply from deep wells. After treatment, it distributes 2 million gallons water a day. Newbern has two wastewater treatment plants. One is a dedicated facility for Jimmy Dean Foods; the second plant - a trickling filter plant - serves the community.



Disposal of non-hazardous waste is in a federal- and state-approved and certified sanitary landfill located within two miles of the Dyersburg city limits. The landfill's capacity is 100 years at the present rate of use.



BellSouth, Dyer County's local service provider, offers a variety of services, including toll-free countywide calling. It stands ready to work with industrial customers to meet their individualized needs.
The Intelligent Network Services offers Touchstar, including Caller ID and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network); standard T1 lines (both channelized megalink or non-channelized); frame relay and connectionlessdata services. Access is available to 1.544 megabits per second and 64 kilobits per second digital data transmission circuits.The central office in Dyersburg has a state-of-the-art digital stored program control system. Fiber optic cable is available in several areas of Dyer County with more fiber optic cable added continuously. BellSouth can provide centrex services and T1 service in B8ZS framing for compliance with a video teleconference network. There is 100 percent digital connectivity between centers in West Tennessee. BellSouth Mobility provides the county's local wireless cellular services.

Garbage Disposal

Dyersburg: City refuse is collected daily in the business district and twice weekly in the residential areas by the Municipal Sanitation Department. Dyer County: County garbage pickup is by private operator

Republic Services: 731-885-5528

Newbern: 731-627-3221

Trimble: 731-297-3955

Disposal is by a sanitary landfill outside the city limits.



  • The City of Dyersburg has placed two large containers at the Main Street Farmers Market to collect paper and cardboard only for recycling.
  • Electronic wastes, such as televisions, copiers, etc., may be taken to the Dyer County Building and Zoning office (1910 Pioneer Rd. Dyersburg, TN 38024) for recycling.
  • Used motor oil may be taken to Autozone, Newbern City Garage, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Tractor Supply Co., and Wal-Mart Tire and Lube Express.
  • Used shopping bags may be taken to Wal-Mart and Kroger for recycling. Place them in the corrugated plastic bins inside the front doors.
  • Wrights Salvage accepts cans, scrap metal, copper, aluminum, brass, batteries, tin, steel, and other metals.
  • Yorkville recycling accepts all forms of paper as long as it is clean of trash.
  • Hutcherson Metals accepts all types of metals.
  • Tires can be disposed of by contacting Daniel Cobb at (731) 287-0775 ($1.25 fee per tire).