Economic Development

Located in Northwest Tennessee on major highways, Dyersburg and Dyer County are at the gateway to Middle America.

We are within a day's drive of 76 percent of this country's major markets. At the same time, we are a regional retail, medical, employment and cultural center for more than 300,000 people who live in 10 counties in a tri-state area that includes Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas. Our draw from the surrounding area allows us to offer many of the services not normally found in a community of our size.

A bridge across the Mississippi River links Dyer County with Interstate 55, a major north/south highway in the center of this country. Four lanes of U.S. 412 link us to Interstate 40, a major east/west highway. Dyersburg is on the designated route of the I69 corridor, the important trade route that eventually will connect Canada and Mexico.

Dyer County's supportive business environment is a partner with local industry. None of our manufacturing jobs are unionized. Tennessee has named Dyer County a Three-Star Community 28 years in a row for our community economic development preparedness.

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