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Dyer County Recognized as a Targeted and Prepared Community

Dyersburg, Tenn. - Boyette Levy, an Atlanta consulting firm that provides strategic advice and communications support in economic and community development, presented findings and recommendations today and recognized the Dyersburg-Dyer Chamber of Commerce for its leadership and participation in the Valley Targeted and Prepared Community Program (TaP). This program, offered by Tennessee Valley Authority Economic Development in cooperation with local power companies and administered by Boyette Levy, helps communities enhance their economic development efforts.

Dyersburg was one of three communities selected this year in the Tennessee Valley region to participate in the program. The TaP program features a planning process that includes an in-depth evaluation of a community’s resources and strengths to target and recruit specific industry segments, which could result in additional jobs and investments.

“TVA applauds Dyersburg-Dyer County for their successful completion of this strategic planning process. It helps prepare the community for continued economic success," said TVA Senior Vice President of Economic Development John Bradley.

The strategy for Dyersburg-Dyer County was developed using an in-depth process that included the following steps:

Conducted a leadership audit and made assessments related to the existing economic development structure; Identified the community’s economic core strengths and areas of development; Interviewed community stakeholders; and  Assessed the community’s fit with certain industry sectors to determine target industries that are appropriate for the community.

“Our findings show that the best industry targets for Dyer County include automotive suppliers, high-end food processing and metal fabrication” said Del Boyette, principal of Boyette Levy. “Dyer County is strategically located near Interstate-55 and Memphis. There is also mainline rail access and close proximity to the Port of Cates Landing. The community offers a great quality of life and Dyersburg State Community College provides educational opportunities and strong training programs that partner with industries in the area. These are all major assets that strengthen the community’s efforts to attract and grow businesses,” Boyette said.

Allen Hester, President and CEO of the Dyersburg-Dyer County Chamber of Commerce, said “The Community TaP program has provided us with valuable insights as to how to take our economic development efforts to an even greater level into the future. TVA and Boyette Levy have highlighted our community’s assets and identified the best fits for prospective targeted industry sectors and plans for our future economic growth,” Hester added.