Financial Institutions

Residents of Dyer County can choose from five local banks with total bank deposits of over $500 million. Each bank offers several branch locations throughout the community for customer convenience. Dyer County also has one credit union.

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The Dyersburg and Dyer County area offers excellent amusement and recreational opportunities. Dyersburg municipal parks and the Dyersburg Community Center offer various recreation programs for all ages. The local senior citizens building is located at the Community Center.

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Dyer County has three municipalities - Dyersburg (the county seat), Newbern and Trimble. A County Mayor and 20 Commissioners, elected by district govern Dyer County. The three municipalities have a Mayor-Alderman form of city government. 

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Two local newspapers, one non-commercial radio station, and one AM/FM radio station serve Dyer County. In addition, numerous area newspapers, and radio and television stations serve the area. Cable television service is available throughout Dyersburg, Newbern and Trimble, as well as most of the county. AT&T offers local telephone service.

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Dyersburg/Dyer County has earned the reputation of a regional medical and health care center with an active medical community.

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Dyer County residents receive quality, cost-effective utility services from a variety of providers. Nearly all of the industrial community is served by municipal systems operated by Dyersburg and Newbern. Both communities are eager to work with industry on meeting their utility needs.

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The estimated purchase price of a newly built home, in a middle-income subdivision on an 8,000 sq. ft. lot with 2,400 sq. ft. living area is $185,999. This typical home has three bedrooms, two full baths, a fireplace and two-car garage. National average is $245,001.

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More than 25 religious denominations with 150 congregations are represented in Dyer County.

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