Economic Development

Eddie Anderson, Vice Chair

Goals: Participate in efforts to promote West Tennessee agriculture and serve as a voice for the farming community.


  • Promote renewable fuels.
  • Promote the Mississippi River Corridor project for Agritourism.
  • Encourage other counties to form an Agribusiness Council of their own.
  • Closely monitor the new US Farm Bill and understand changes in subsidies, etc.
  • Continue the Young Farmers and Ranchers program at the new industrial park and add
    additional acreage, approximately 35 acres.
  • Build and fill the Agribusiness display in the Lannom Center.
  • Promote and encourage a food processing company to locate in Dyer County.
  • Promote waterfowl hunting in the area.

Click on the following agricultural-related website sources for more details.

National Cattleman's Beef Association

International Cotton Council

National Corngrowers Association

Tennessee Farm Bureau

American Soybean Association

Dyer County UT Ag Extension Office